Blade and Soul NA/EU – Soul Fighter Class – June 22/2016


It has been announced that the soul fighter class is just around the corner! This post serves the purpose to show case the new class and give a overview of it. Along with the new class comes a leveling even once again, returning players will be able to level up characters to level 45 just like on the Asian Blade and Soul servers. We would also like to note that our Soul Fighter will be based off the chinese server. One more thing that we should mention is that our soul fighter that is seen in the video below is a newly made soul fighter with the boost to level 45, it is under powered when it comes to damage, it is also no geared the way it should.

Soul Fighter Soloing Black Ram Narrows

What is the Soul Fighter Class?

The soul fighter class is a hybrid class of the kung fu master and the force master. In other words you have two classes in one. Each set of skills has it’s pros and cons we will go into more detail later in the post. The Soul Fighter can be considered a range class based off of it’s ability to use Force Master Ice moves and a close range class because of the kung fu master moves. One thing that we should clear up from the start is that the moves for the kung of master are different then the already existing  moves of the kung fu master. When it comes to the force master side of the Soul Fighter your moves are almost the same in comparison the the force master.

Kung Fu Master Side of the Soul Fighter

The kung fu master side of the Soul Fighter is modeled after the kung fu master that currently in Blade and Soul the moves do differ, but not to a large extent, the kung fu aspect of the Soul Fighter is great for combos when it comes to beating up world bosses or mobs in dungeons quickly and easily. We haven’t experimented enough with the the soul fighter to be able to tell what combos are good however there are some good ones that are be used to bring out some good DPS.

Force Master Side of the Soul Fighter

The Force Master side of the Soul Fighter is for the most part the same as the current Force Masters Ice/Frost Moves, you have your Right click Ice Bolt. All in All there isn’t to much to say about the force master side of the Soul Fighter,

Soul Fighter Skill Tree (Taken from Blade and Soul China)

That concludes our Class overview for the time being. If the need should arise we will update this post!