Blade and Soul NA/EU: Silverfrost Mountain Weapon Leveling | What Weapon Leads Where


With the launch of Blade and Soul’s expansion; the Silverfrost Mountains comes a new weapon leveling chain and tree, you may think that this is nothing as you are a low level right now, however this has a bigger impact on you then you think. Once you enter the Profane weapon chain you will be faced with a major choice, entering the Silverfrost chain or continuing onto Awaken Siren weapon. Due to this reason we have had our weapon leveling guides put on hold, we were not sure what way NCsoft would take the NA/EU versions of the game, now that we know we can continue on working on them and have them published. As much as weapon leveling as changed, leveling your accessories has NOT changed and will remain the same.

Current Weapon Leveling Chain

The current leveling chain is as follows, this is starting at your Hongmoon weapon and moving up to profane.

>True Profane ->Awakened Siren ->True Siren -> Awakened Pirate -> True Pirate

The New Weapon Leveling Chain

> True Profane ->Awakened Siren OR Oathbreaker >>

It honestly isn’t a major change, as far as we were able to dig up if you want to run the Awakened Siren to True Pirate route you will be able to do so, unlike on the Chinese server where the weapons are locked and unable to level leveled further. So what does this mean if you have a awakened weapon right now?

Awakened/True Profane

If you currently have an Awakened Profane you will be able to level it into it’s next stage, the True Profane. From this stage you will have a choice weather to level it into a Awakened Siren OR you can level it into the first stage of the Oathbreaker weapon.

Visual Path

>Awakened Profane -> True Profane -> Awakened Siren OR Oathbreaker >>

Awakened/True Siren

If you have already started or have been waiting to see what to do with your weapon, you are also not in to much trouble. If you currently have an Awakened Siren weapon you will need to level the weapon until you have reached True Siren level 10. Once you have gotten your True Siren level 10 you will have the choice of heading into the Oathbreaker chain OR into the pirate weapon chain, at the end of the path each weapon chain regardless of how you leveled it at a lower level will reach the scorpion weapon.

Visual Path

>Awakened Siren -> True Siren -> Awakened Pirate OR True Oathbreaker

Awakened Pirate/True Pirate

Let my start off my congratulating you at reaching this stage, I know it’s not easy and it’s been expensive, but this also has a good outcome for you. You will be able to skip many of the lower level Oathbreaker weapons and end up at almost a scorpion weapon. If you currently have a Awakened Pirate weapon you will need to level it into a True Pirate Level 10. Once you have gotten your True Pirate level 10 weapon you will have no choice but to enter the Silverfrost Mountain Weapon Leveling Chain.

Visual Path

>Awakened Pirate -> True Pirate -> True Breeze >>

What If I Choose The Oathbreaker Path?

If you choose the Oathbreaker path there is nothing wrong with it, depending on when you are leveling the weapon it might be cheaper for you to level this way or it might be more expensive it really depends on the state of the economy in Blade and Soul at the time. Regardless of when you leveled it your path for your weapon would look something like this.

Visual Path

> Oathbreaker -> Awakened Oathbreaker -> True Oathbreaker -> Awakened Breeze -> True Breeze >>

Important Information

Below we have included a weapon tree of the leveling of the Blade and Soul weapons from the Siren Chain and the True Profane Chain. Keep in mind that names of the weapons might not be 100% accurate as it was taken from the Taiwanese server and that the names are subject to change without warning.

We apologies for the size of the picture. Please click on the picture in order to see it full size.