Blade and Soul NA/EU: Recurring Premium Membership Available



Tired of loading your account on a monthly bases? well now you don’t have to, you can get recurring membership, both 30 days, 90 days and 365 days. Each pack has it’s own features and perks when you subscribe for the first time.

If you are interested in a membership you can head over to the Blade and Soul Store using this link:

You can now sign up for a recurring Premium Membership from the website or in-game, and receive unique rewards like the Hongmoon Black Feather! Premium Membership provides unique bonuses and benefits like bonus gold and XP from quests, reduced commission fees in the Item Auction House, dazzling Windwalk visual effects, a reduced cooldown for Windstride, and a lot more.
For a limited time receive the Hongmoon Black Feather when you sign up for a recurring membership!

Hongmoon Black Feather


Sign up for the 90- or 365-day memberships and receive additional rewards like Hongmoon Coin to use on the in-game store, and an exclusive Silver Dragon costume.
The perks for each month pack are listed in the table below: