Blade and Soul NA/EU: Raising Waters Update – February 10/2016

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Blade and soul is getting it’s first big update in the coming weeks. This update will add a new 24 man dungeon next to the current 24 man dungeon of Pohwaran. It will also add the tower of Mushin aka Mushin’s Tower. The update is just one of the firsts in line in order to bring Blade and Soul NA/EU in line with the other Asian servers. NCsoft is making quick efforts to make the game up to date. Only a matter of time until we gain the 4th continent and new kung fu force master class. Anyway without more wait, let us talk about the new update and what it will bring.

Bloodshade/Nightshade Harbor

Bloodshade/Nightshade Harbor is just another 6/24 man dungeon that is coming to Blade and Soul. This dungeon is located next to the 24 man Pohwaran dungeon (Editors note: we will not spell Pohwaran, Poharan) In order to gain entery to this dungeon you will need to buy a token from the merchant that is located nearby. Then you will be able to fight your way through the twin sisters and on your way to Grandpa. Like stated before this dungeon is also available in 6 man party should you have the power to fight it. Now don’t tell NCsoft that we are telling you this, but if you have the run up the wall wind walk perk, then lots of the dungeon is skip able. We will work on a guide to the dungeons that will be released  later on. Anyway this dungeon should prove to be a challenge none the less and just the daily quests that it holds will be a challenge for level 45s.

Team Lan Lan’s Chinese client is not work at the moment, but once it is we will update the post with more pictures of the dungeon.

Mushin Tower Floor 1-7

Mushin tower is a one man heroic instance that features only boss fights that can prove to be a real challenge for the under skilled. Mushin Tower contains more then 7 floors but for a start like they did on the other server, they are adding in the floors slowly. Mushin Tower is a good way to see if you are the best that you can be. One thing that is over looked sometimes is the fact that Mushin tower is a solo instance meaning that it can’t be played via cross server dungeon making. None the less it’s quite the challenge.

Hongmoon Level 5

The hongmoon level is a added level on top of your final level, at the time of the post the final level will be level 45, adding the extra 5 hongmoon levels would make the level go to 50. However, it may seem like you are indeed going to be level 50 however you will not be. Once the level cap is raised to level 50 your hongmoon levels will no longer be with you, but instead you will now be aback to level 45 and you will need to grind to get the next few levels. Once you have gotten to your cap once again your hongmoon levels will be returned to you. then you can try to level them up more. just keep in mind that this means that from level 50 to hongmoon level 1 will be a ton more exp then it will be from level 45 to hongmoon 1. The best way for this feature to make sense is for you to experience it yourself with a level restart (going from 45 +hongmoon 5 back to level 45)

PVP  Preseason

cyrrently blade and soul is in it’s preseason for pvp as where the other servers are in season 2+ regardless it will be very interesting to see what will happen in the NA/EU seasons. This update to Blade and Soul will bring new UI to PVP to see how your skills will stack up. You will also now be gaining/earning Zen Beans: this is a Blade and Soul PVP currency and have nothing to do with your Gold, Silver and or Cooper, this is a currency all on it’s own.

Zen Beans are the green icon in the picture below.

Over all it looks like a great first update. New content to keep players happy. Only a matter of time before they let out the continuation of the main story with Silver Frost Mountains. We can tell you right now that Silver Frost Mountains is going to be very hard in terms of dailies. Almost no more soloing. Now we are getting off topic…