Blade and Soul NA/EU: Premium Daily Dash



A new continuous Daily Dash that provides additional rewards for those with a Premium Membership.

A new Daily Dash arrives September 14 that provides new benefits for those with Premium Memberships. While it functions a lot like previous “continuous” Daily Dash games, new Premium spots offer special bonuses for those with a Premium Membership.

Without Premium you’ll be able to spin like normal, and receive the rewards for the spots you land on. In addition, for this continuous Daily Dash, each time you pass Start you’ll receive a bonus item—Token of Devotion—which will allow you to buy from a variety of rewards.

Premium Bonuses

With an active Premium Membership, and when landing on a Premium Bonus space, you’ll receive a random effect that can change the reward. Here are the possible (random) effects that can happen when landing on a Premium Bonus space with an active Premium Membership:

  • Advance to Start
    • Collect the reward and then proceed to Start to also collect a Token of Devotion.
  • Double Your Reward
    • Get double of the reward you landed on.
  • Complete One Round
    • Collect the reward and then make a full rotation of the board (collecting a Token of Devotion on the way) and return to your current spot (reward is not doubled).
  • Surprise Prize
    • In addition to the reward you landed on, you’ll also receive a Brilliant Venture Token.
  • Double Your Spin
    • Move again for the same number of spaces. For example, if you’re on space six and roll a 3, you’ll move to space nine (which is the Premium bonus spot), claim the reward, then move 3 more to space 12 and also claim the reward there.

A Premium Bonus will not activate without a Premium Membership. Without Premium you’ll still be able roll normally, receive the rewards you land on, and receive a Token of Devotion for landing on or passing Start.

Token of Devotion

When landing on or passing Start you’ll receive a Token of Devotion, which can be turned in for various rewards in the Dragon Express. Here are the rewards you can purchase:

Regal Diplomat Temptation
1 Token 1 Token
Excellent Experience Charm Flower of Lament Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Peridot
1 Token 1 Token 2 Tokens
Taikan’s Skin Stone of Wisdom Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Ruby
3 Tokens 3 Token 3 Tokens