Blade and Soul NA/EU: Pet & Account Bound Changes October 26



Pet hunger system and more Account Bound items added in the Beluga Lagoon update.

With Beluga Lagoon, releasing October 26, we’re going to be making a significant change to the pet system, as well as changing a number of items to become Account Bound.


Pet Hunger

With the Beluga Lagoon game update on October 26, the pet hunger system will be removed from the game, and it will no longer be required to feed your pet to keep them active. As of October 19 we will discontinue selling Petnip on the Hongmoon Store, so if you need Petnip afterward it will still be possible to transmute it until October 26.

If you have any Petnip left over after the system’s removal on October 26 they’ll appear in the Manage Antique window, and you’ll be able to sell them for 2 Soulstones and 1 Frozen Stinger each.


Account Bound

With the October 26 game update we’ll also be making a number of items Account Bound, which will allow you to mail them to other characters on your account for a variable gold cost.

Item Mailing Fee
Black Red Official Uniform Design 1g
Black Rose Feather 10s
Blackram Insignia 10c
Business Ethics Recipe 1g
Butterfly Ornament Design 1g
Colorful Powder 10s
Commercial Merchant Recipe 1g
Dokkaebi Dance Recipe 1g
Faction Insignia 1s
Feral Fang Design 1g
Freezing Orb 10s
Guard Insignia 10c
Legendary Jewel 1g
Legendary Element 1g
Martial Arts Belt Design 1g
Mirage Crystal 10s
Misty Woods Cerulean Order Insignia 1s
Misty Woods Crimson Legion Insignia 1s
Monocle Recipe 1g
Moonwater Reinfining Stone 5c
Mysterious Crystal 1g
Naksun Badge 10s
Novelty Glasses Design 1g
Operative Hat Recipe 1g
Pet Enhancement Stone 1g
Petal of Lament 1g
Sentry Hairpin Design 1g
Skyhaven Insignia 1s
Strategist’s Headgear Design 1g
Stylish Guerrilla Design 1g
Talus Insignia 1s
Thornclaw Eye Adornment Design 1g
Training Uniform Design 1g
Twisted Mirror 1g
Twisted Orb 10s
Unkempt Hair Wig Design 1g
Vagabond Belt Design 1g
Warrior Token 1s