Blade and Soul NA/EU: New Servers Being Added!

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New servers are being added to Blade and Soul due to the amount of connections of people that want to play Blade and Soul. According to the forums the servers will be online in the next 48 hours, these new servers will help combat the long wait times just to log in. Log in times are still very long, but depending on the server they can be even longer. as heard from many players in game saying that the wait time for the Mushin server at one point in the past day was at almost 6 hours (this is for non premium players). Below you will find the what is said about the new servers on the Blade and Soul Forums. Let’s hope that wait time shorten.

With such a successful reception of the Blade & Soul launch, our servers have begun overflowing with players who are excited to jump into The Earthen Realm. Our servers are reaching their maximum capacity and many players are waiting in queues at this time.

We understand that waiting in a queue is not the most exciting experience and so we have taken—and are continuing to take—measures to help reduce queue times. We have significantly raised the maximum capacity of our servers, while ensuring they remain stable, and we’ve restricted character creation on servers as needed—which has helped balance population across all servers. We also offered a limited-time item transfer service to get people off of high population servers that ended earlier today.

On top of those, we also deployed a hotfix earlier today that will include the much-requested auto-kick feature for players who have been inactive, as well as addressing the queue time text that was not displaying correctly. You can view the hotfix notes here:

Finally, we’ve been working to open new servers as quickly as possible, and the servers are expected to be available in the next 48 hours. For those of you who have yet to start playing, or those of you who wouldn’t mind starting over, it can be expected that wait times on them may be a bit shorter. We’ll have more details on server names and the downtime schedule as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that these queues exist because of an overwhelmingly positive demand to play Blade & Soul, and we ask for your patience as we’re working around the clock to improve everyone’s game experience. Thanks again for your patience.

Let us give you a little picture of just how long some of the wait times are, the following picture was taken from the Pohwaran server of Blade and Soul NA.

As seen the wait line for non premium members is at 3,643. At one point when we were doing a character cross check on the Taiwanese server the number of players were in the high 5000s.

But all in all Blade and Soul seems to have lived up to the hype that it said that it would, many people trying to join and many more still want to play. Team Lan Lan has faith in NCsoft West that they can fix this issue of long wait times. Just remember not to step out of line…