Blade and Soul NA/EU: New Account Security Feature

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With Blade and Soul NA/EU only a few days away before name reservations go live. has installed the new client and we have came across a nice little feature that we would like to tell you about, the servers are in no way live until Monday January 11th (they will only allow you create your character with) However while we were installing the client the game launched for us.

When you install the game and it launch for you, you will be greeted with a security code that you will need to create, this will effectly lock your account from unwanted eyes. A nice security feature, that if my memory serves me right, Blade and Soul Taiwan didn’t launch with, they launched with a opt-in second password option. It would seem that this will be mandatory for Blade and Soul NA/EU.

Remember to keep your account pin and account info personal and do not share it with anyone!!