Blade and Soul NA/EU: Name Reservation is Now Open!

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Blade and Soul NA/EU has opened it’s doors for the first time since the beta tests. Servers are now open for name reservations should you own the middle class founds pack and the master level founds pack, just to clarify a little point when it comes to name reservation should you not have gotten a name yet, it is possible for two of the same name to exist, for example Pohwaran lan (what we called our character because someone beat us to Pohwaran…..) was created in both the EU and the NA server, therefore two Pohwaran Lan’s exist in Blade and Soul NA/EU. The other way to look at this would be that the NA server is a separate server from the  EU server.

Over all Team Lan Lan is happy with the names that we got, as mainly right now we are focusing on Taiwan, due to having maxed out characters, we most likely will remain on that server, but once NA/EU is in full swing we will be covering the game as much as we can. Many team members have exams coming up and are studying hard, updates may not be very frequent for the next few days but once Friday will role around we will be back in full swing bringing you everything from every server of Blade and Soul – We still have yet to gain access to Blade and Soul Korea, it’s a bit on the pricey side of getting a subscription, but have no fear we will get updates left and right as soon as we can, we are in the process of working out on how to present the translated events to you. Everything is in the works.

Team Lan Lan would just like to remind everyone that the head star for all founders pack owners starts on January 15th at 10:00AM PST. Founders packs will be available to be bought from NCsoft until the 18th of January, then you will not be able to buy any founders pack. Should you by a founders pack now you will still gain access to the name reservations and the head start! It’s still not to late.

We will leave you with some screen shots of Team Lan Lan characters… and the credits for Blade and Soul

The creadits for the game are just amazing, they should go first – After all without Team Bloodlust and NCsoft the game would never have made it over to the West!

Pohwaran say Cheese!

Editors note to NCsoft – Why Spell Pohwaran – Poharan……… (insert super sad face here) But no matter, we will still host this website as it’s the Teams baby that needs to be cared for, we also love all the readers and viewers to the site.