Blade and Soul NA/EU: Loading Screen Art Contest


All judging is done by NCsoft, and Team Lan Lan has no input on judging, this contest is also hosted by NCsoft.
All submit likes will be sent to NCsoft, using the official ncsoft email;
mportant: Make sure that all urls are registered to NCsoft.
You can submit pictures directly to NCsoft via this post and the submit icon below, all pictures will be sent to ncsoft and not the Team Lan Lan

Community artists can see their creations inside Blade & Soul!

We’re announcing the first ever Loading Screen Art Contest for the Western playerbase, and we’re calling all artists for a chance to win the ultimate prize: for use inside the Blade & Soul game!


See the full terms and conditions of the Loading Screen Contest to see if you qualify.


You can illustrate something new, ‘shop a screenshot, or express your art some other way—sky’s the limit! The submission must be digital artwork, follow the theme of Blade & Soul, and must be your own original work; any designs that violate copyright or someone else’s intellectual property will be disqualified. Below are a few of the loading screens that can be found in game.

  • All entries must be digital artwork and in .jpg format, 2048×1200 and 72ppi resolution.
  • We require that there is no text on the image; this includes signatures and watermarks. We will be crediting the user with an appropriate layer to match the image.
  • All entries must be appropriate for your region’s rating.

There will be a black fade layer on top of the loading screen at the bottom of the image approximately 300px tall, please make sure there are no important parts of your art in this area. You don’t have to include this fade in your image, it will be applied on the loading screen as an overlay. You can download the overlay here to see how it will look on your art.


One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive:

  • Art showcased in the Blade & Soul game as a loading screen
  • $100 USD worth of Hongmoon Coin (8000 Hongmoon Coin)
  • Exclusive Community Events Costume: Kindred Soul

Ten (10) Finalists will receive:

  • Art showcased in the Blade & Soul game as a loading screen
  • $50 USD worth of Hongmoon Coin (4000 Hongmoon Coin)
  • Exclusive Community Events Costume: Kindred Soul
Kindred Soul

The Grand Prize Winner and ten Finalist’s submissions will be showcased as loading screens within various areas of Blade & Soul that do not have a fixed loading screen tied to the area (ex: the Poharan loading screen appears when entering Blackram Supply Chain). The winning loading screen images will not be a permanent addition and will be removed at a undetermined time in the future, or when the next loading screen art contest is held and new images are created to take their place.


The Blade & Soul team will select the Grand Prize Winner and Finalists, and they’ll be announced on February 27.

Judging will be focused on creativity, overall aesthetic of the image, and ability to follow the Blade & Soul theme and style.


All entries are to be submitted by February 6 at 11:59pm PST, and should include the following:

  • Real first and last name
  • Chosen display name (will be displayed on the loading screen)
  • Region (NA or EU)
  • NC Account Email (or email that will be used to create a Blade & Soul account)
  • Maximum of 1 image entry allowed per person
  • A short description for the entry, 150 words or less
  • File formats must be .jpg, 2048×1200 and 72ppi resolution
  • Statement: “This email is submitted as an entry in the Blade & Soul Loading Screen Art Contest.”

Entries that don’t meet these requirements may need to be disqualified.



Please read the full terms and conditions of the contest before entering.