Blade and Soul NA/EU: Instant Level 50 Now Available


Insta-boost your new character!

Level 50 Character Creation Vouchers are now available in-game, and you can instantly boost any new character to max level. Once a character is boosted, you’ll start in Act 5 – Chapter 1, and automatically placed in the all-new Hongmoon Training Room.

To celebrate the release of Secrets of the Stratus we’re discounting the vouchers to 3200 NCoin until May 2, when they’ll return to their standard 4000 NCoin price. For those of you who enjoy percentages, that’s 20% off!

To ensure you’re adequately prepared for your adventures in the Earthen Realm, all boosted characters will receive the following items:

  • Ivorymoon Weapon – Stage 1
  • 20 Gold
  • Training Accessory Chest
    • Silverfrost Valor Soul Shield Set
    • 1 Ivorymoon Accesorries
  • Training Consumable Pouch
    • 50 Dumplings
    • 30 Repair Kits
    • 30 Healing Tonics
    • 30 Hongmoon’s Unsealing Charms
    • 30 Hongmoon’s Keys
    • 20 Quintessences of Hongmoon
    • 26 Dragon Pouches
    • 5 Brillant Venture Tokens

The Level 50 Character Creation Vouchers can be purchased on the Character Creation screen or from the Hongmoon Store.