Blade and Soul NA/EU Closed Beta Begins October 30th

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Join us for the first beta weekend for Blade & Soul!

We’re excited to announce that our closed beta weekends will begin on October 30! Our Founder’s Pack holders will be among the first to experience the Western release of Blade & Soul.

There will be at least five beta weekends, the first two of which will focus on testing the English version of the Western release. With over 20 days of total playtime, the beta weekends will all run from Friday at 10am PDT to Monday at 10pm PDT. The extended beta weekend November 24–30 will then include all launch languages—English, French, and German, with subsequent weekends including these three languages.

Closed Beta 2015 Weekend Schedule

Weekend 1:  Oct 30–Nov 2 [English only]
Weekend 2:  Nov 13–16 [English only]
Weekend 3:  Nov 24–30 [English, French, German] Weekend 4:  Dec 11–14 [English, French, German] Weekend 5:  Dec 18–21 [English, French, German]

If players don’t purchase a Founder’s Pack there will limited opportunities to gain access through the official beta signup on the Blade & Soul website. We’ll also have additional chances through beta code giveaways via official Blade & Soul social channels, as well as offers from participating partners—stay tuned for more info!

Also be sure to watch our livestream September 9 at 10am PDT over on for more info on the closed beta, and what to expect while testing.

More information about the closed beta

  • All character slots will be open during the closed beta test
  • Level cap will be set to level 45
  • New race call combo – Gon force master race
  • Warlock class wont be available in the closed beta or a launch
  • premium membership: no pay to win or pay to play, the only way to get the premium membership is with Ncoin
  • Name reservation will be after the closed beta testing
  • The Game will be game pad compatible
  • You can only get a key via Email – if you subscribed to the Blade and Soul Newsletter and via partner sites – ( is not partnered with NCsoft and we will not be giving keys out)
  • You can get keys via partner site giveaways and also at the official giveaways on Facebook, Twitter and on Twitch. There will be regularly scheduled live streams from the Blade and soul team starting next week!
  • Alpha tests will start soon – (you might get access if you bought a founders pack)
  • Download information will be sent out via emails if you are chosen for the closed beta weekend or weekends
  • A fansite kit will be released soon – Something we here at can use \o/

There will be no EU server before November 24th, you cannot move characters, you will have to restart from the start if you played on the NA closed beta

Questions and Answers given during the stream

Will there be a option to play with non English voices?
(Section to be updated after fridays stream)

Will the client be downloadable before October 30th?
Yes it will be available for download

Will you be able to Live Stream during the Tech Alphas, from day 1?
Yes you are able to livestream the tests

How many keys will be given away by email?
It’s a secret – Pohwarans guess – enough to stress the servers out

Why is there no EU server for the first two weeks?
This is due to a tech issue

Will there be forums?
Forums will be up before closed beta or the tech alpha

Will founders pack benefits be available during the Close beta test?
Only Ncoin will be, others will not be available

The player made custom costume will it be available during the close beta test?
No will not be, however it will be available during the launch of the game

Any news regarding upgrading a founders pack to the next level? 
Contact the costumer support team, there will be a upgrade option before the closed beta test

How often will the game be updated?
NCsoft will try to update the game between each test, they may skip one

Are there limits on the Founders Pack?
No, they are unlimited but they will case to be purchasable after the close beta test

There will be a server wipe at the end of the closed beta tests!

Be sure to check the next Blade and Soul live stream, this time from the Dev team on Friday at 9 PST

More information will be added once more information becomes clear