Blade and Soul NA/EU: Character Transfers Available


The cost of moving a character from one server to the next is 1999 Ncoins, this converted to dollars is roughly 25 dollars per character, per transfer.
Please also note that we are at this moment not sure if other regions offer server transfers (Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea) – This will be checked and post will be updated.
Also note that all links will take you the the legit NCsoft website, please be careful of phishing sites.

Move characters to other linked server groups with this new service!

The Character Transfer service is now available! You can now move your existing characters to another server in your region, retaining your progression and items. Upon initiating a transfer you’ll need to adhere to several requirements to ensure it transfers successfully. Once scheduled, the transfer will in most cases take place during the next Wednesday server maintenance time. If your character doesn’t meet the requirements at the time the transfer is initiated, you’ll receive a reasoning, and need to address whatever the issue before the transfer attempt.

Head to the Character Transfer page for the list of requirements and restrictions, and to initiate your own transfer.


Transfers will only be available to another server not already in your linked server group. As a reminder of which servers are linked, here are the currently linked server groups:

North America

Identifier Servers
Group 1 Master Hong, Gunma, Taywong
Group 2 Mushin, Old Man Cho
Group 3 Jiwan, Soha, Dochun
Group 4 Poharan, Iksanun
Group 5 Yehara, Hajoon, Onmyung
Group 6 Juwol, Yunwa, Junghado


Identifier Servers
Group 1 Windrest, Wild Springs, Highland Gate
Group 2 Cardinal Gates, Hao District, Greenhollow, Spirit’s Rest
Group 3 Starfall Crater, Ebon Hall, Angler’s Watch, Twin Wagons
Group 4 [DE] Frostgipfel, [DE] Bambusdorf
Group 5 [DE] Windweide, [DE] Himmelsfarm
Group 6 [FR] Dokumo, [FR] Ogong, [FR] Hogdonny


Note: Transfers are not possible between regions (e.g. from North America to Europe, or vice verse).