Blade and Soul NA/EU: Blade & Ghoul Oct. 26–Nov. 16 | Halloween Event 2016



All Hallow’s Eve has come to the Realm, and friends and enemies alike have joined in on the frightening fun.

The veil to the Spirit Realm is thin, and a ghastly aura seems to follow you wherever you go. But don’t cower in fear – it’s time to defeat eerie enemies and earn delightful new rewards.

Collect Creepy Candy

Many of your greatest adversaries have donned new attire for Halloween, but don’t let their costumes trick you – defeating these bosses will give you a special treat! Collect Pumpkin Spice Candies by completing the following Daily or Dynamic Quests in these dungeons.

Dungeon Quest (Type) Candies Earned
Blackram Narrows Getting the Axe (Daily)


Tomb of the Exiles Into the Tomb (Daily)


Blackram Supply Chain Breaking the Chain (Daily)


Bloodshade Harbor Blood in the Water (Daily)


Heaven’s Mandate In Blackest Night (Dynamic)


Mushin’s Tower – 15F The Tharama (Daily)


Awakened Necropolis Nightmare at the Necropolis (Daily)


Desolate Tomb The Bonds that Bind Us (Daily)



Terrified Transmutations

Once you’ve filled your bags with treats, you can transmute 5 Pumpkin Spice Candies into Jack O’ Lanterns—with a small chance to also get Chilling Chests! These chests are full of consumables as well as a chance to get the Spellcaster costume or Bewitched Hat.

Spellcaster Costume & Bewitched Hat


Bone-Chilling Bounty

You’ll then want to trade in your Jack O’ Lanterns to these specific Halloween-themed NPCs:

  • Fu Ribi at Foshi Pyres in the Viridian Coast
  • Tso Ping at Earthseer Bulwark in the Cinderlands
  • Shanmei at Orchard of Souls in Moonwater Plains
  • Bul Juya at Tainted Lab in Silverfrost Mountains

The vendors offer these terrifying treats:

Item Jack O’ Lantern Cost
Spellcaster Costume 80
Bewitched Hat 45
Locked Great Pumpkin Weapon 25
Witch O’ Lantern Mask 15
Jack O’ Lantern Mask 15
Naryu Tablet 30
Bruiser Charm 20
Heroic Friendship Charm 15
Element of Hongmoon 5
Hongmoon Jewel 5
Master Field Repair Tool 2
Spectral Firework 1


Locked Great Pumpkin Weapon
Jack O’Lantern Mask & Witch O’Lantern Mask


All the Realm is full of fright

As untold terrors stalk the night

But don’t delay – your goal’s quite clear

Missing these costumes is the truest fear!