Blade and Soul NA/EU: 1st Anniversary Festival


Celebrate Blade & Soul’s birthday with a limited-time event and rewards!

1st Anniversary Festival

January 18–February 8

Blade & Soul’s first anniversary is almost here, and we’re celebrating in a big way! You’ll be able to pick up a free anniversary present from the Hongmoon Store—which has lots of goodies inside, including an achievement and title only available during the event—and the 1st Anniversary Festival event begins. During the Festival you’ll be able to collect special coins throughout a wide range of content, and turn them in for unique rewards like rare consumables, and a new costume.

Silken Splendor

In addition, several in-game buffs and bonuses, and a refresh of the 365-day Premium Membership—including an exclusive new costume—also join the anniversary festivities. Stay tuned for more details on all of the anniversary events and rewards!


New 365-day Premium Membership Costume

Removable Weapon Skins

The ability to remove weapon skins is arriving with the new update! Once live, you’ll be able to apply and remove weapon skins from weapons, retaining the skin item to be used again and again.

Modifiable Pet Appearances

We’re changing the way pets function by separating their stats and appearances into two separate items, which you’ll be able to mix and match however you like. Once the update goes live, you’ll be able to Salvage your pets to receive both the pet itself, as well as a new Pet Aura—which is where the pet stats will be transferred. You’ll be able to apply a pet appearance to any Pet AuraGemstone, in the same way you apply (and remove) weapon skins. You can also choose to only equip the pet itself for minimal stat gains, or only the Pet Aura itself—which will provide the associated stats but not display any pet appearance.

In addition, we’re adding a new tier of Legendary Pet quality with Unleashed Pet, which can be attained through transmutation.


Stay tuned for further updates and overviews of the upcoming update, including livestreams and patch notes, as we near the January 18 release.