Blade and Soul NA: Closed Invitational Alpha October 9th-October 12th

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Ladies and Gentleman, Blade and Soul has sent out their first wave of Alpha Keys for everyone that has bought a founders pack! They have said on a post on the Blade and Soul subreddit that they only set out a “Small” amount of keys for this test, how many is small for them? Well we will wait and see! So if you bought a founders pack you might be one of the lucky ones that got in! Check your email! will be recording the event and uploading it to youtube, subscribe to the Pohwaran Youtube Channel to stay up to date with everything Blade and Soul!

Here are some information about the test should you have been choose.

The Alpha test will be live from Friday October 9th at 10AM PDT / 5PM UTC until Monday October 12th at 10:00PM PDT/ Tuesday October 13th at 5AM UTC. This Alpha test will be English language only and will take place on servers based in North America.

See you in the test!