Blade and Soul NA: Closed Alpha Test 1 – Final Thoughts

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With the closed alpha done it’s time for the final thoughts that Team Lan Lan has, so far the game is going well as an English release, lots of problems and lots of unvoiced NPCS.

So what do we have to say about it? Well let us tell you.

Blade and Soul NA/EU is the same base game as the other Asian servers, the game only allows to level 45 with no Hongmoon – The new Hongmen. Right now the game doesn’t contain Silver Frost Mountains and Pohwaran/Grandpa with the next alpha coming this weekend, they may or may not add in Pohwaran, Grandpa and the Maze. With or without them  isn’t not a big factor, the game is still Blade and Soul.

When it comes to names in the game, some quests require you to protect/fight with a NPC due to localization problems and things like that the name of said Character overlaps with the quest info in your quest info tab. I understand this is alpha and NCsoft has said it knows about them, but as a final thoughts on the closed alpha then we want to cover everything that we can. One major down fall for the NA version is the voice acting. Personally some of the characters that are voiced sound good, while other like Hawjung (The Lyn that teaches you combos) sounds like Tails from Sonic… Other Voice problems is that all hostile NPCs have the same voice when it comes to them blocking and yell Now when about to trip you, letting you in turn perfectly timing your anti or counter attack. The voice that has to be the most annoying, like in all version of blade and soul would have to be the system voice saying things like: an Auction has started, Player left your party, you don’t have the required skill to use this item, in my own opinion I thing that there should be a way to remove or at least quite the voice down so we don’t have to hear everything that is going on. A flaw in the game right now, i’m sure that it will be fixed is the other NPC voices that are not a part of the main quest line, the text that they give you is fully in English, however the words they are speaking don’t exist, they are just a 3d character with a animated mouth. Without sounding like I am ranting about everything wrong with Blade and Soul NA, I would like to say that this is the point of an alpha it is to find out what is wrong with the game and make sure that we (the player base/community) have the best possible experience that we can have. With the Closed Beta only a few weeks way more of the problems that are listed above will be fixed.

One final item that we forgot to talk about was the community, I have been in region and faction chat lots of new players asking question and Blade and Soul Vets answering the questions, we have a great community! Shoutout to everyone in the Blade and Soul Community, great job!

Before the launch of the game, we will bring you another final thoughts on the closed beta and see if the problems talked about in this post have been fixed or at least attempted to be fixed. Speaking of closed beta, NCsoft has said on a forum post that everyone that has bought a founders pack by tomorrow (October 14th) will be invited into the final Alpha test, all founders pack owners will be invited to the alpha providing you buy it before tomorrow.

We apologies if this seem like a rant, it’s not intended  to be a rant, it is out final thoughts on the alpha. We will post another final thoughts after the next closed Alpha test.