Blade and Soul: Mushin Tower Floor 8 | Naryu Labyrinth



The next set of updates are upon is in only a matter of days! So what to expect in this update? Well according to the Last Blade and Soul live stream we are getting some good things and some bad things, depending on if you have abused a exploit for personal gain. We will talk more about this at the bottom of the post because well who wants to read about the bad stuff first?

Naryu Labyrinth

The Naryu Labyrinth is an Epic difficulty max-level dungeon available in 6- and 4-player versions. While the encounters and enemies you’ll face are certainly challenging all on their own, you’ll also need to jump, glide, and find your way through this sprawling maze. Each room contains a unique encounter that—when defeated—will unlock a door at random to the next room. Progressing will follow with a similar random advancement to the room beyond, the room beyond that, and so on; creating a unique and challenging experience each time you enter the Labyrinth.

While there are countless individual rooms that you’ll progress through randomly, there are three total floors to descend, and a boss to defeat that guards each of the exits to the next floor below.



Be Ido

Fujin and Raijin

Each boss has their own tantalizing treasures to take once they’ve been defeated, but along the way you’ll also acquire Naryu Labyrinth Relic Pieces, which can be turned in to Exchanger Junsu just outside the entrance for a Labyrinth Treasure chest, which contains a variety of items, including the coveted Black Sun costume.

The Gods of Wind and Thunder, Fujin and Raijin, are a difficult trial for even the most coordinated groups of warriors, and among the gods’ most sought-after treasures are their costumes, allowing anyone to become the embodiment of the wind and thunder itself.

Mushin’s Tower – Floor 8

The next floor of Mushin’s Tower has unlocked, and warriors capable of conquering the prior seven floors can now take on the three embodiments of Mushin himself. He has returned to take a personal hand in training those hoping to continue their ascension of the tower.

Mushin’s embodiments will use powerful techniques, and those challenging him will need to defeat each one separately against increasingly strict time limits. Among the great treasures he drops are the Fury weapon skins, and Mushin’s Soul Shield—an entirely new Soul Shield set.

While Floor 8 completes the first section, it’s clear the tower continues to rise far above this floor, and it’s no doubt that more will be unlocked at some point, though no one knows when that may be.

Exploit Punishment Rumors

From what we were able to see at this point in time, NCsoft has the player base in a little bit of hot water because of the Hall of Ogong, Tomb of Exiles and Bloodshade Harbor door skips. Rumor out on the street is that if you have “abused” the exploit for personal gain then you may get a punishment of some type. We can’t go around giving off false information because we don’t have that much information, we are simply just informing the readers about what is happening. NCsoft did say that they will be looking at this as a case by case. For example if your whole party went and did the skip and you were forced to then nothing will/should happen to you. However if you ran Hall of Ogong lets say 40 times a day just for the moonwater tears and did the skip all 40 times, then chances are you will be punished for using the exploit. We will keep reader informed should more information arise.