Blade and Soul Japan – Account Creation

Welcome to the Blade and Soul Japan Registration guide, the way to register for the blade and soul Japan is normal all until you get to the email verification, but we will make it easy for you and show you how to do it so you can do it without a problem. Blade and Soul Japan used to be Pay to Play however it has since become Free to Play, for Blade and Soul Japan you will not need a VPN, as it’s not IP blocked. Not much is to be said about it, other then that it’s not the funnest to register and download, so lets get started on how to do it.

Account Creation

To start the account you will need to head over blade and soul Japan website, by going to or Blade and Soul Japan.

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Once you have the sited loaded, you will want to click on 会員登録 which in English translates into Member Registration. It is located at the top header and the second link in the middle of the three on the right top corner. Once you have clicked it you will be taken to the next page, where you will be filling out your account information, remember to make yourself over 18, because you never know what kind of restrictions they have on the game.

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This is where all the fun Email stuff happens. In the top box you will want to put in a email that you have access to, in order to get a verification code to put into the box below it. Enter an email and then wait for the mail to arrive, remember to check your spam inbox in case the mail doesn’t arrive, make sure that the email is a Gmail, Yahoo, Live, QQ, etc. The BNS mail servers for some reason don’t like sending to private email servers. Once you receive the mail it will look something like this.   pohwarantest


With the code that is marked in Red you will want to copy and paste it into the box on the page before, where you entered your email. Once you have entered the code you should be taken to the next page, where you will fill out the information that you need for the account, one thing I will point out right now, is that if you do not know Japanese, I suggest to open google translate or a translator you will need if for your security question, if you know how to type in Japanese then you are okay. Once the page is loaded you will see something like this.


As you can see above, the email that you used to send you the code is already at the stop. The red text at the top (NCSOFTサービスにログインを行うためには、こちらのメールアドレスとパスワードを入力する必要がございます) reads; In order to login to NCSOFT service, you will need to enter here your -mail address and password. The password that it is referring to, is the password that you will choose in the form that you are filling out. The password is all up to you. Now that we have it out of the way, below is the page translation, please make sure that you choose you security question really carefully, this is because when you will be signing into the game website it will ask you for the answer to the question that you have chosen. The Security question must be in JAPANESE. Here is the translated page for you to use.



In case you are not sure what to put where, here is what you need to put in the boxes, I have included the Japanese text if you need to match them up along with the english translation of the Japanese  text. The list will go in order of the page to the bottom, we will cover the two odd looking boxes in the next step.

The boxes are as followed.
パスワード/Password: Enter the password that you will use to enter the game.
パスワード再入力/Re-enter your password: Enter the password that you have entered above again.

Security Question

This is not a normal security question that you can just pick and forget, this one you must remember, and it also must be in Japanese, why I’m not to sure to why it has to be in Japanese, but it has to be, this is why I stated to have google translate open or a translator program open, if you know Japanese and how to type in it, then you are set, I have the whole list translated for you below, remember to pick a easy question and an easy answer, I know that is sounds strange, but since it’s a different language you might be forget it.

Just like above here is the Japanese to english translation for you that don’t know Japanese, They are in order of the drop down list.

秘密の質問を選んでください。/ Please Select a question.
母方の祖父の名前は?/ What is the name of your Grandfather?
初めて飼ったペットの名前は?/ What is the name of your first pet?
好きな歴史上の人物の名前は?/ What is the name of your favorite historical figure?
珍しいと思ったクラスメイトの名前は?/ What is the name of an unusual classmate? (I looked this up to be sure, yea, it should be translated right)
子供の頃に欲しかったものは?/ What did you want during your childhood?
座右の銘は?/ What is your motto?
行ってみたい国は?/ What countries do you want to go to?
あまり好きではない他人の癖は?/ What habit of others do you not like?
昔ハマっていたブランドやメーカーの名前は?/ What is the name of the brand that you are hooked to/like?
学生の頃に良く行った店の名前は?/ What is the name of the store that you went to as a student?
直接入力/  Direct Input…

place your asnwer in the box under the drop down list, (回答)

Like I stated pick one that you can remember and keep it simple.

Account registration form Part 2


Now that you have the form filled out, you can move on to the next few boxes.

The next box after is ニックネーム / Nickname – This is the name that you want your want the account to be called, this is separate then your character name.

The next box heading down the form is your date of birth (ニックネーム) it is in the Year/Month/Day format, to be on the safe side you should set your birthday to make it seem like you are over 18, because you may not know what kind or restrictions they can put on your account due to being under age.

The next box is your sex (性別) (Male or Female)
男性 / Male
女性/ Female

The next two boxes are the end user agreement and if you want NCsoft to send you mails to your emails. Keep the second box checked and the first box is up to you if you want to have checked or not.

Code Verification – Important

This next step is a important one, you will want to keep this email safe, this mail will be used when you sign into your account for the first time, and also every time you reinstall the game for the first time again. so keep it safe, or you may lose access to the account, I will update the guide if I find a way to replace the code. With this option you have two choices, a text version or an image version, both server the same propose, but they are just in different formats. Select the version that you would like, for the guide I have went with a text version, as it’s the one that I have used before to log into the game. Remember to save it, back it up, email it to yourself, because this is important, without it you will most likely not be able to log into the game.

This is what the form is to look like once the form is filled out.
Once you have finished the registration you will not be able to change your Nickname and Sex.



Now that you have finished the form, you should back up the email of the text or image just to be on the safe side, because you will never know when you will need it, for now you will not be needing if for a little bit, you are ready to move onto the next step.

Downloading the Client

This is not a normal way to download the client, bit it works, let’s hope that you still have good old Internet Explorer installed. If you don’t for some reason you can download it here. Next what you want to do is one of two things, you can navigate to the game’s website to download the game or you can click the links below in Internet explorer to download them without having to hunt for them. You will need to download the NClauncher, along with the game. If you have the NClauncher from Blade and Soul Taiwan, or Korea? Then this will not mess with them, they will all work independent of each other. You can choose below if you want to go through the main website or through the direct link, both serve the same purpose.

Link to Download Page;

Direct Download Links;
Client Download (Internet Explorer Only!!)

Once you get into the page that is to only be opened with internet explorer you will be greeted with the following page, you will be required to download and install “NeffyLauncher. A pop up should appear at the bottom asking if you want to install, click install.


Once it is installed you will be greeted with this. This is the game downloader, what is nice about it is that even if you lose connection or something it will remember where you left of your download.


To explain the page:

Allow for the game to download, the download shouldn’t take long based on your internet speed, it took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes to download the game. Once the game is installed it will ask you if you want to run the setup, you can choose yes, or you can navigate to the folder where you installed the game and click on the “Setup.exe”, just like any other installer, however this one will be in the Japanese Language.

Launching The Game

Once the game has been installed you will see a launcher icon on your desktop, this is used to open the NClauncher that will download all the updates for you, you will need to update the game before you can play, update times vary depending on the size of the update. Once the update is done the client will load and you will be able to log in using the Email and Password that you provided on the registration page for Blade and Soul Japan and log into the game, at the same time have your email open and open to the message that should look like the one below.

ss (2015-06-14 at 02.09.59)

Now once you are logged into the game you will see a box that looks like this.

ss (2015-06-14 at 02.28.17)

The thing that stands out the most is the number 6, this 6 represents the line of code that you will need to look for and enter. 6 for me would be 4939, and that is what I will enter into the keypad on the right hand side, once entered hit the button on the left (okay) and it will ask you for another set, but with a different number instead of the 6, repeat what you did with the steps ahead, after 3 tries, it will kick you out if you got them wrong, or it will allow you to enter the character selection screen.

Welcome to Blade and Soul Japan!

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Now you are in blade and soul japan, feel free to make the character that you wish to have! below this you will be able to find the english patch for the game and how to install it without causing a problem to your game. If you have any problems with the game you can post a comment below or take a look at the blade and soul troubleshooting page. Hope to see you in game!

English Patch

Currently, I was unable to locate a English Patch, keep checking back here and also to the dedicated translation page for updates to when a patch will be found. I apologize for the inconvenience.