Blade and soul founder packs up for sale!

It has now been announced that you can buy you blade and soul founder packs! The game is still going be free to play however to get in on the closed beta you will need to buy one of the three levels of founder packs. A basic run down given by is as follows:

Gain access to Closed Beta this fall with our Founder’s Packs. Choose between three Packs—Initiate, Disciple, and Master. All Packs grant access to Closed Beta and Head Start, but the Disciple and Master Packs unlock additional bonuses like Character Titles, Name Reservation Slots, exclusive costumes, and more!


If you missed the livestream on twitch you can watch it here:

Below is a screenshot of what each level of pack is to give you. apologizes for the iPad screenshot but we are away on vacation and didn’t bring our equipment.

If you are interested in buying a pack head over to the following link:
Please note pohwaran is in no way partnered with ncsoft we are just a fan site. Your purchase of a founder pack will go directly to ncsoft.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your founders pack and start your journey in blade and soul North America! Hope to see you in game!