Blade and Soul EU: ESL Tournament – Powered by SteelSeries!

This tournament is for the European Blade and Soul Server only

The first tournament is about to kick off for Blade and Soul EU. With some great prizes from SteelSeries! Good luck to everyone that will be part taking in the tournament!

More information can be found in the post below from the official ESL website. You can click sign up right here on and you will be directed to the ESL website in order to take part in the tournament.

Please note: is in NO anyway hosting the tournament, everything is done by ESL, all links are simply for connivance only. We’re proud to have partnered with SteelSeries for our ESL Blade & Soul Community Cups in March. By participating in our Community Cups in March you’ll earn “ranking points”. At the end of the month, the top 16 players will be seeded into a final where they’ll play for one of 3 amazing prizes!

 ESL Blade & Soul in March

 Prizes in March

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