Blade and Soul China: Two Year Birthday Event!

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Blade and Soul China has officially turned 2 years old! Happy Birthday to the Chinese Server! With the Birthday events Blade and Soul China are running some events in honor of the second birthday! Without further ado we will get right into the birthday events that are happening around Emerald Village! This year they are mainly giving out some RNG boxes that you can get some nice gems out of! Here are just the basic look at what you are able to get from this years Birthday Events!

When you first log into the game, if you haven’t already ran the events you will be greeted with a pop up quest on the right side of your screen, click it and accept the quest, this is basicly your invite to the birthday events! Then head over to Emerald Village!

The town is looking very festive! Balloons all over the place and a large cake in the middle of the lake!

Balloons are everywhere!

Event Portal looking just stunning!

This years Event Boss, with a staggering 18.8 million HP! Unless you know how to solo, I think you need a party!

Here is one of Next bosses from the total of 3

Look how made a appearance it’s Me!

Event Finished! Thanks to my Party! You guys were great!