Blade and Soul China – Update

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A small update regarding Blade and Soul China on, with the account creation post just hours away from being complete, downloading blade and soul China for the guide as well as for TeamLanLan mirrors. We will also be covering the quest guides on blade and soul China along with Taiwan, as China in a few ways is ahead of Taiwan in terms of blade and soul, TeamLanLan is in the process of looking to see if we should make a different section of quest guides for China and also of japan, we will update everyone once we have everything sorted.

we are also in the update of getting in the process of covering all updates and events that are going to be taking happening in blade and soul Taiwan,China and Japan, this will be done once we have finished the account creation and trouble shooting for all games that we cover, but should be completed before the end of May as a rough date, but we hope to have it done well before then.

if by and chance you are wondering why we haven’t covered blade and soul Korea, this is because TeamLanLan doesn’t have a I-pin or a valid Korean phone number in order to do the account verification, and payment per month, we do have an account, active it is, problem with it is that like stated we don’t have a means to pay for it. We can only get so far in the game. Once we have a way around it we will cover the game, it’s amatter of playing the waiting game now.

That should be it for right now, be sure to check out the blade and soul China guide and come and join us on blade and soul China. Also be sure to check out blade and soul Japan section later this week, as we work to update the section with a account creation guide.