Blade and Soul China – Account Creation Guide

Welcome to the account creation for Blade and Soul China. If the fear you have is that everything is in Chinese do not fear, you can will have everything translated into English in the guide on how to install, sign up and do idinity verification for your QQ/Blade and Soul account. This guide will cover everything you need to get a QQ number. That will allow you access to everything on Chinese websites, After this guide a video tutorial will follow.

Please note: TeamLanLan is in no way responsible for the passport verification and the work around the passport verification, the use of this is at your own risk, we will NOT be held responsible for an issue that is to arise.

To get a QQ account you have two options, QQ number or email, in the end both will get you a QQ number at the end of the first step. So pick a way I personally recommend using the QQ number way, it’s just faster in my opinion, but we will cover both ways. We will start off with the QQ number way and then move onto the Email.

The next next page is in english, however the identity verification will not be and you will need to follow the guide or read Chinese in order to do it.

Please check links and only use links provided to you by, People are known in blade and soul china to make fake websites that will steal your QQ number, this is every common in the game and such websites are even advertised in game by spam bots. Once again, please only use links provided by, If you are not sure of a link, leave a comment or please get in contact with us.

QQ Number

To get the QQ number via the QQ number way, remember that both ways will get you a QQ number and you only need to use one!
To get the sign up page you click this link: Once the page loads you will see something like this: QQ Sign Up

Incase this the QQ number tab isn’t already clicked, you want to click. And fill it out as it says, however where it asks for your birthday make sure you make it so that you are over 18 years old. If you are already over 18 then you don’t have to put anything, just remember the birthdate for later! This is how a completed registration form should look like once it’s done. If you are not sure on how to fill it out, see below.

Nickname: This the name that will be with the account, I don’t believe it’s possible change it later.
Password: A password that you can remember.
Confirm Password: Retype the password you typed in above.
Gender: Male or Female (Boy or Girl)
Birthdate: Make sure that you are over 18, or some services may not work for you. If you are over 18 then don’t worry about it
Location: Where you live
Verification code: The code that is to the right of the text box.

That is it now you want to click the big green button that says Sign up Now! You will then be taken to the next step.


For the next part you will need to have a cellphone or a way to get a message sent to you with your QQ pin. (Data/Messaging rates apply) If you have noticed it says “Please enter you mobile number (mainland China Number Only), however if you click the blue text to the right (Select your country/region it will also you to put in a non Chinese Mainland number.  You can have your cellphone from anywhere, Canada, Korea, The United States, Poland… etc, just make sure that you select the right country code for where you live, if you set it up wrong, you will be blocked from sending a new message for a few minutes. Once you have entered the number you have gotten, you will be taken to the screen where your QQ number is displayed.

QQ Sign Up

The Blacked out box repersents your QQ number, you will want to save it, as this is your login for everything, from blade and soul, to Weibo to QQ webmail etc. You may have your QQ number, but if you try to log into the game you will be presented with a error telling you that you need to verify your identity in order to log in. For the next part, people will have troubles as this is all in Chinese, but it’s quick to do, just follow the guide and what to do. You will want to follow this link: . It will take you to the following page.

ss (2015-04-24 at 10.54.49)

You will want to click the big blue button on the top left corner to be presented with a login screen. Once you have been persented with the login screen, you will need to sign in with the QQ number that you just created and the password. You will most likely be presented with a Captcha that you will have to fill out, they are not case sensitive, just fill out the 4 letters and it will log you in. you will now be taken to this page. If you have a Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Resident mainland pass, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao Resident ID, Police or Millitary ID then put that in rather then you passport, but since most people will be registering from the US/Canada or from the East (East being toward US/Canada from standing in China) you will need a passport.

实名注册和防沉迷系统   腾讯游戏


For this part of the QQ account creation you want to follow the guide letter, by letter. So let’s start.

实名注册和防沉迷系统 - 腾讯游戏

1 – Click the line of text the says: 使用其他有效身份证注册。This translates into Use other Valid ID. Click on it and the page will change to the following page.

实名注册和防沉迷系统   腾讯游戏2

Going down the list on the page, the Chinese text next to the boxes Translates into the following
Box 1: 真实姓名 = Real Name
Box 2: 有效证件 = Valid Documents – This will be changed to Passport number.
Box 3: 出生日期 = Date of Birth — Make sure you have it set to being over 18*
* Being under 18 will cause you to have problems when playing the game!
Box 4: 联络地址 = Contact Address – Make sure that you have it set to 其他 (Other) on both boxes

Follow the steps below, below you will see some fake info, but make sure you put in what you choose, but make sure that you can remember it, because in case you lose your account for some reason you will need to use your name, passwords that you used and where you logged in from last, long process but it’s the only way to recover your account, so remember everything that you put. Follow what to do below.

实名注册和防沉迷系统   腾讯游戏5

1 – Enter your name, both First and Last name.
2 – You will need to change the first box from 香港,澳门,台湾居民来往大陆通行证 (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents travelling to Mainland Passes) to 护照 (passport), Then enter your passport number.
3 – Enter your date of birth, remember to make sure that you are over 18, In the following formate Year/Month/Day
4 – Contact Address, leave the two boxes in the beginning alone, unless you are from China, Macao or Taiwan, In the last and biggest box enter your address
5 – Once everything has been filled out click the button on the LEFT to continue to the next part, this may take a few minutes to register!
Once everything is done you will be taken to the following page after clicking the button on the left.

实名注册和防沉迷系统   腾讯游戏final


You have created and verified your QQ account, you can now log into the game!

Downloading the Game

To download the game Blade and Soul China, there are two ways, one; by going through the main site and downloading the downloader before installing, or you can download the whole game installer from TeamLanLan Mirror, Link below. We will cover both ways.

importantMake sure that you have your computer Local set to Chinese, because the game is known to have problems with the English locale of the computer, this will not change your operating system language, just the way the computer reads the programs.

To change your videos Locale you can follow the video or read the guide below.

Changing Locale – Video Guide

Changing Locale – Text Guide

1 – Click start and go to your control panel

ss (2015-04-24 at 01.41.48)

2 – Click on Clock, Language and Region tab.

ss (2015-04-24 at 01.44.19)

3/4 – Click on Region and Language, allow the Region and Language window to open then click on the Administrative tab

ss (2015-04-24 at 01.49.28)

5 – Click on the Change System locale, you might get a pop asking for user permission to change it, click yes and move onto the next step.

capture image


6/7 – Locate Chinese (Simplified, PRC) and click ok, then click apply and restart the computer. You are then ready to install the game. Via the download from main site or the TeamLanLan Mirror.

ss (2015-04-24 at 01.54.43)


Downloading the Game

We will cover two ways of downloading the game, however in my own opinion Downloading from TeamLanLan mirrors is a much faster way. But you are under no pressure to download it. We will cover downloading the game with the main site before we cover the TeamLanLan Mirror


To download the head over to and you will reach the landing page, this is also the download page. Click the second large button on the top of the page, the button marked with a one.


Save it to a place that you will remember where to save it, you will be opening it right away. This package that you have download contains the Direct X and C++ already packaged into the installer, so no need to worry about them, but if for some reason they don’t work for you, you can get them from the blade and soul china site Next open the file that you have just downloaded, this file will download the game’s installer files that you will then use to install the game. Double click it and run it. You will then see the installer download window open.

ss (2015-04-24 at 02.23.31)

With this, if you don’t want to save the game download anywhere, Remember this is not the game installer, this is the installer to get the game installer… the work they make us do to play… Anyway you can choose to save it to a different location other then the root of your C drive that it defaults to, just remember where you saved it, as you will be opening it later. For this I will be installing it the default location that is the C drive and then the sub folder that it makes called “gamedownload”. Once you have selected to save location, if you choose to, click the button at the bottom the big pale blue looking one.

ss (2015-04-24 at 02.29.03)

The timing of the download will go crazy at the start, but over time it will stablize and you will be downloading, it also depends on your download speed. It took me about 3 hours to download all the files of the game… just let the downloaded run, it will finish soon™. Once the game has downloaded, you can open the installer via the down loader or you can open the launcher from the location that you saved it. In our case, C:/Gamedownload. The folder with the game installed should look like the picture below.

ss (2015-04-24 at 05.40.25)

To install the game, double click on the filed called: bns_2.119.5029.8_201503011407_setup_signed.exe, once it’s open follow the installer, it’s just like any other installer that you are to face, but in Chinese. Keep everything how it is in the installer, change the installation direcroty if you so much choose to, other then that it should install the game along with Direct X and C++, like I said it comes with the game already. Let the installer finish. Once finished, launch the short cut that was created, this is not a NClauncher short cut therefore you can make endless copies of it without having to point the short cut at the game servers. If you have finished opening the launcher you can skip this next part, as it’s just downloading the installer faster.

TeamLanLan Mirror

This method of installing the game, takes the long wait out of installing the game, as you download the installer directly. This will get you into the game faster. To start off click this link: (COMING SOON) and select the Blade and Soul China Folder and download the whole folder as a zip, to make your life even easier you can click this link: (COMING SOON) to download the zip containing the installer directly, please note that the download may and will be in the 11GB range, same as the other way above.


Logging into Blade and Soul China

Once you have the game installed and everything is set, start the launcher and allow it to update, it can take a few seconds to a few minutes if not longer depending on your internet connection. Once patching/updating is done you will be greeted with this page on the launcher, getting into blade and soul china is a much more different then getting into blade and soul Taiwan and Japan, On the chinese server you have 19 servers on top of your sub servers that your character is tied to. You can make characters on all 19 servers as far as I remember. Each server has a different economy so to speak with the gold or cash, some server have lower cost of gold for more cash other have more gold or less cash. I will go into detail about this later. For now, it’s best to pick the best server for you. To get to the server selection list click the button on the bottom right hand side that is marked with a 1. The two servers located above are ones that are randomly picked, the top most server is the one that you used last and will stay like that until you change it.

ss (2015-04-24 at 07.06.18)


After clicking the server list button you will be taken to a page that looks like this, keep in mind to only click once on the server names to read the ping that they have to your location, if all servers have a high ping 250+ Then I would recommend getting a booster for the game, there are a few free ones that work, one made by Tencent themselves and lots of paid ones, I personally use IPmana that is free, but you need to reactivate it once every week, we will cover that once we get everything sorted. This is what the Server list is to look like.

ss (2015-04-24 at 07.16.24)

Once again you will need to find the one that works for you. most servers should work, but try to find the one with the lowest, because sometimes it can get really bad in terms of lag. Once you have selected a server and it’s highlighted in orange, like seen above. click the button on the left to lock in the server and it will take you to the log in screen, remember you are not limited to how many servers you can create characters on. Once you are at the login screen as seen below, login to the game.

ss (2015-04-24 at 07.22.25)


Logging in is simple, The QQ number that you made at the start will get put into the top box and your password in the lower box, then click the blue ice button to login. If everything goes right then the game should launch for you. If you have followed this guide then everything should have went smoothly, as I did everything with the same with the QQ number I made during this guide and logged in using it, worked.


You should now be in Blade and Soul China. Enjoy your time in the game, while I go and find out what has changed while I took my break from the game.

English Patch and Boosters

We will cover English patches before we cover the boosters, because the game is still playable without a booster. At the moment there are two* English Patches known to the Blade and Soul China community, one that I used myself and never had a problem with it that is made by LokiReborn, his patch edits the XML directly so there is no need to do anything with it, However, it is recommended that you backup your XML files just to be on the safe side. Computers are computers and they will make mistakes. The second patch is a bit more heavy in terms that it downloads a new XML everytime you update it according to users, this patch I have never used. But I will cover both patches for you to look at. We will start with the LokiReborn patch. I was not able to get the RareElites Patch to work, so I will not be covering it in this guide for the time being.

LokiReborn Patch

This is one patch that I myself used for as long as I can remember. To get the patch you will need to head over to the Blade and Soul Dojo. (Creating an account is not required but it’s recommended) you can follow this link to go right to the patch: You can read the post if you choose, you can follow the instructions there or follow the rest of the guide, both will get you to the same outcome. Once on the page download the installer of the patch, what is nice about this patch is that everytime an update comes around, it will download a new installer for you so you don’t have to redownload it everytime. Once you have downloaded it, install it and then launch the program.

ss (2015-04-24 at 08.02.33)

ss (2015-04-24 at 08.04.19)

Once it’s open you will see a long list of languages that you can patch. Currently the all language patches offered by the LokiReborn patcher are 100% working, but all translated to a different degree, but it gives you the options if you want a different one. To use the patch, just select the patch that you want, I went with english, because this is a english patch guide, select it and click Apply Patch, now wait for the patch to do it’s magic and wait for the pop up Patched Successful!

ss (2015-04-24 at 08.06.00)

Now what is left is to open the game and run it, your patch will take affect once the game has loaded into character selection, the launcher of the game will still be in Chinese. Everytime the game does a update and the english patch is no more, head back to the LokieReborn patcher and re apply the patch, if there is no patch to update it will tell you that you need to wait, give it a day or two and loki will update the installer, that the program will download and run after asking you if you want to update. This is a nice patch, personally one of my most favourite. It’s both easy to use and most of the game is translated.


There are lots of boosters that are around on the internet, some are said to work, but don’t some work but not with the game you want, but I will narrow it down to two that I have heard good things about and have used myself.