Blade and Soul Korea: New Continent And Class

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As said in the November update we are going to be covering more and more things for Blade and Soul! So what good way to start off then with the new Pet system and a brand new continent. Many updates have been coming for Blade and Soul, but this one has to be one of the larger ones that is coming, With a whole new continent and a new story line to keep players active for much longer rather then just leveling up bopae and weapons. So without further delay let us get into the new update that is set to come to Korea’s Blade and Soul Server in only a matter of days! (Taiwan and other servers will be soon to follow)

Blade and Soul’s 9th Class

With the new continent comes a brand new class this is a hybrid class of the Kung fu Master mixed with a Force Master class, being dubbed the Force Kung Fu Master. Currently the class is only on the Korean Test server. Team Lan Lan will do our best to bring you more information about the new class as more information becomes open and available to us.

The New Continent

The new continent comes with many new world and instance bosses.
We have managed to find of pictures of the new continent, the pictures are taken by a Twitter User @BNSUnofficial the full tweet can be found below all the pictures. – Therefore does not own the following pictures.


Have a nice video show casing the new land and bosses!