Blackram Narrows


General Information

Dungeon Name:

  • Blackram Narrows

Level: 20


  • Standard 6-player
  • Standard 4-Player
  • Solo

24-Player Dungeon:

  • Not Allowed

Location: Sentinel Coast – On Island – Windstride is required

Prerequisite Quests:

  • To be added

Primary Rewards

  • Locked Viridian Weapon Chest
  • Sealed Viridian Earring
  • Sealed Viridian Necklace
  • Sealed Viridian Ring
  • Sealed Offering Jewelry
  • Sealed Heroic Blight Soul Shield Part(s) 1-8
  • Sealed Blue Blight Soul Shield Part(s) 1-8
  • Sealed Blight Gauntlets
  • Sealed Blight Staff
  • Sealed Blight Lyn Blade
  • Sealed Blight Dagger
  • Sealed Blight Razor
  • Sealed Blight Sword
  • Sealed Blight Aura Bungle
  • Sealed Blight Earring
  • Sealed Blight Necklace
  • Sealed Assassin Blight Necklace
  • Sealed Blade Dancer Blight Necklace
  • Sealed Blade Master Blight Necklace
  • Blight Fangs
  • Sealed Destroyer Blight Necklace
  • Sealed Force Master Blight Necklace
  • Sealed Kung Fu Master Blight Necklace
  • Sealed Summoner Blight Necklace
  • Sealed Warlock Devourer Necklace
  • Old Stratus Armor
  • Locked Blight Weapons Chest

Video Run


Six Member Party


Welcome to Blackram narrows! You are almost ready to move onto the next major region in Blade and Soul; The Cinderlands. Before you can head over there you must battle your way through the Blackram Narrows, up to this point all the dungeons should have been a cake walk, but this will test you to your max due to your low level. This Dungeon serves two purposes

  1. Provide you with your next weapon for evolution
  2. Continue the Blade and Soul Story into the Cinderlands

Now before you get all confused of what you should do first. It doesn’t matter what you do first as both paths end at the same location… the start of the dungeon but in order avoid confusion we will cover both paths, just note that path 1 will be harder and will/may require a party depending on your level.

To get started in the dungeon you will need to run stright into the dungeon via the wooden catwalk that leads away from the windstride, There are two types of mobs on the path of only one type will attack you; the Blackram. Once you have run down the cat walk you will notice a fork in the path, meaning if you continue down the catwalk and into the WHITE portal you will head into the main quest section of the dungeon, If you were to run left at the fork in the road you will enter the Heroic part of the dungeon, this requires a party if you are a low level.

Once again the paths are as follows

  1. Heroic Dungeon – For your next evolution weapon
  2. Standard Dungeon – For the continuation of the Blade and Soul Story

Path 1 – Heroic Dungeon

It would seem like you choose the heroic dungeon and it would also seem like you need your next class weapon, sadly this isn’t one that you can buy from the auction house, but anyway let us start.


  • Blackram Blade Master
  • Blackram Force Master
  • Du – Force Master
  • Blackram Musketeer
  • Blackram Kung Fu Master
  • Watch Dogs
  • Dai – Kung Fu Master
  • Blackram Enforcer Ma Parang
  • Claypaw Ruffians
  • Claypaw Mercenary
  • Blackram Guard Ise Si
  • Claypaw Mercenary Whipi
  • Blackram Guard Fah Ri
  • Kun Son
  • Loso
  • Fiends
  • Gubong
  • The Devourer

This dungeon is split up into 3 section each containing a boss, you must kill all 3 bosses to be able to move onto the final boss. This dungeon only has one possible path for you to do and that is to the final boss. For the first part you will need to fight your way through the building that you see in the middle of the picture above and across the bridge until you come to large chamber with cages. This is where your first boss will be. Once you have gotten to the building above and have the daily quest active you can speak with Sumi after clearing the room in order to continue on with your daily quest.

After you have spoken to her, continue out of the building using the exit behind her and take a left turn to get to the bridge before entering the first boss chamber. The bridge will be guarded with a mob by the name of Dai that you will need to kill in order to continue on.

Once you have killed Dai you will need to kill the Blackram Musketeers that are standing behind him, be careful as they do a bit of damage if you are low level. Also keep in mind that two Blackram Blade Masters spawn behind you and will attack you, best to kill them before moving on.

You have now entered the first chamber with the first boss that you will need to fight before continuing on with the dungeon. We have numbered the boss and the Dragon Blood Dispenser, if you require a Dragon Blood take it, if not you can attack the boss right away. You have to keep in mind that clearing this room doesn’t have a point to it, due to the fact that as you attack the first boss he will spawn in adds that will attack you while you are fighting the boss. The best way to kill this boss would be to focus all your DPS on the boss himself if that is possible.

  1.  The first boss – Blackram Enforcer Ma Parang
  2. Dragon Blood Dispenser

Boss Information

Name: Blackram Enforcer Ma Parang
Health: 56,300
Spawns adds: Yes

This fight is not very hard should you be able to tank the adds. The best way to fight this boss would be from a long range as that way you can avoid the close combat adds that spawn in. But you cannot attack from a long range it’s best to just walk up and attack him on the spot while avoiding his attacks.

The boss does drop a loot chest. it will be a variation of what you see below. The items that drop 100% would be the health Potion and the Dumpling.

Once you have looted and or bid on the items that you want, a door will open by the Dragon Blood Dispenser  run into the portal to start part 2 of the dungeon.

Path 1 Heroic Dungeon – Part 2

Part two is a bit more challenging then part one as there are more mobs to fight, along with another boss to fight at the end. There is only one possible route to the large building that you see in the picture, that is to follow the catwalk to the house. Along the way to the house will come into contact with two teleporting mobs, these mobs you will fight later in this part.

The first teleporting mob that you will encounter will be Blackram Guard Ise Si. Attack him just remember that he will teleport away once you get him to about 50% of this health. Like stated before you will fight him again at the end of part two. As he is a minor mob we will not be counting him as boss therefore there will be no information about him other then that he teleports.

Once you have killed him be ready to fight a Claypaw Mercenary Whipi that will spawn in and attack you as soon as Ise Si has teleported away from you.

Once you have killed the charging Whipi you can now continue down the catwalk towards that building. Along the path you will come face to face with your second teleporting mob by the name of Blackram Guard Fah Ri he will be pacing back and forth. Like with Ise Si if you start attcking him he will teleport when you have gotten him down to around 50% of his hit points left. Unlike Ise Si he will not spawn in a add that will big a bad as the first add, he will instead send a Blackram Kung Fu Master to attack you, just one of them. Also like Ise Si he is considered a normal mob and won’t be provided information on, other then that he teleports.

Once you have forced him to teleport away you can continue down the catwalk and up the ramp that you can see in the picture above. Before getting to the ramp you will come face to face with Kun Son and Loso, these are just normal mobs that you have faced before just with different names. Kill them and move onto the ramp. When you get to the ramp get ready for a little surprise attack in the form of two lines of Blackram Musketeers. The higher that you run up the ramp the closer the mob spawns will be together. The Blackram Musketeers spawn at the top and run down. There is a total of 5 Blackram Musketeers

Once you have killed the firing squad run up to the top of the ramp and get yourself a Dragon Blood should you need to recharge. At the top of the ramp if you look to the right of the Dragon Blood dispenser you will see the two run away mobs that you were fighting before; Ise Si and Blackram Guard Fah Ri along with another mob, this third mob is your next boss that you need to kill in order to get into the building to fight the last two bosses.

Boss Information:

Name: Blackram Captain Wun Gwangyi
Health: 23,200
Spawns Adds: Not During Fight – Spawns Adds after boss has been killed

This is one of the easier bosses in the dungeon due to the way she attacks, if can manage to kill Ise Si and Fah Ri then it becomes a one on one fight. However note that once you kill the boss the door to the building will open and out will rush 6 Blackram Blade Masters to attack you. You can kill them or you can just run into the portal

Like the boss before this boss does also drop a loot chest, like before the loot can be a variant of what you see blow.

Once you have looted or bid on the items that you want you can run into the portal to enter the building.


Path 1 Heroic Dungeon – Part 3

There isn’t much to fight in this build other then the two bosses that can be found past the door pictured above.

Please Note: Team Lan Lan considers the next boss as two bosses as it has two stages, it’s normal stage then a monster fish stage, at the end of the fight it will only count as one.

Once you are ready to fight continue down to the arena. Don’t forget to pick up some dragon blood should you needed from the dispenser.

Boss #1 Information

Name: Gubong
Health: 55,200
Spawns Adds: No

This boss does NOT drop a loot chest

Once you have killed Gubong you will see another cut scene, it’s your choice if you want to skip it or not. After finishing the cut scene you will be greeted with the second boss!

Boss #2 Information

Name: The Devourer
Health: 87,300
Spawns Adds: Yes – Fiends that will slow the character down.

This boss does drop a loot chest in a form of a crate that you will open after the final cut scene.

Once you have killed this boss you will be greeted with one final cut scene before getting to the loot that you want so bad.

After the cut scene you will be back in the main building that you entered at the end of part 2, you will also notice a large mysterious chest. Just like the name imply this is your loot chest. Break it open and loot your prize.

Just like the last chests you will get a variant of what you see below:

But wait there is more to this chest! On the right side of your screen under your quest active quests you will have a quest with the name “Slaying the Giant” this is your second loot chest, don’t forget it as it basically doubles the loot that you get during this dungeon.

Once you have opened the letter you are free to leave the dungeon with the blue exit portal. You will now be back at the start of the zone next to the looking for party pillar. It is now up to you should you want to continue down the second path if you haven’t already, but if you have then you can continue on with the story in Bamboo village.

Path 2 – Continuing Story to the Cinderlands

It doesn’t matter if you have finished the heroic part of the dungeon or not you can still enter this part. Run down the Catwalk until you see the fork in the road like before, but instead of turning left run straight into the white portal. This will start the next part in the story. Just like before the whole route will be a war zone, meaning you will see Blackram fighting Bamboo village guards. There is only one possible route to the location where Namsoyoo is. Also keep in mind that this isn’t a solo instance and that it is possible to see other players running the route also.

Keep following the path, fighting all the mobs along the way is not part of the instance and is not required, just run until you get to the bamboo village guard that is hiding behind a few stacks of crates and speak with him. While following the route just make sure you are going down because it is easy to run into the building that is behind the turn in the picture above and head up. Nothing will happen if you take the upper route, both routes reach the same location. The best way to get down a level would be by taking the ramp before the building and to keep following the path until you reach Chengun that is hiding behind the stacks of crates.

After speaking with Chengun you will need to run inside the boat. Once you enter the boat run down the two ramps and you will find Namsoyoo and a Guard captain. Attack and kill the giard captain in order to speak with Namsoyoo. After you are done speaking with Namsoyoo you will be attacked by Yura the Assassin and killed. Once you have resurrected yourself run back and talk to Chengun about what happened. He will then tell you that you are to head back to Bamboo village. it is up to you should you want to teleport out of the area or to run the heroic dungeon  that is the Blackram narrows.