Beautiful Illusions

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Illusions may be not what they seem!

This quest is started after the deep illusion quest given to you by Somai at the outpost, it doesn’t matter what quest you do, as they both take place at and round the same zone, Dragon Forest. Around the zone you will find trees, you only need to walk up to one tree in order to do this quest. the trees look like they do in the pictures below.

Walk up to the trees and press “F” after a few seconds, press F again to loot what you need to finish the quest. Once you have looted the item and killed the enemy head cremation hill, the area marked in hot pink on the map below.

Once you are at cremation hill find and locate Blindman Anh, he is standing behind the first spin wheel as you come up the hill.

Speak to Blindman Anh and you will receive your 270 EXP. Upon talking to him you will also start another quest, but this will be covered in another guide.

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