Adder’s Nest



General Information

Dungeon Name:

  • Adder’s Nest

Level: 17


  • Standard 6-player
  • Standard 4-Player
  • Solo

24-Player Dungeon:

  • Not Allowed

Location: Songshu Island – Songshu Pavilion

Prerequisite Quests:

  • To be added

Primary Rewards

  • Locked Viridian Weapon Chest
  • Sealed Dura Critical Soul Shield Part(s) 1-8
  • Sealed Dura Ring
  • Sealed Viridian Earring
  • Sealed Viridian Necklace
  • Sealed Viridian Ring
  • Viridian Valor Stone

Video Run:


To start this dungeon you must first be at the Songshu Pavilion . Once in the Pivilion jump down to the path that is below, you will then see a portal in the rock face as seen in the picture above. Run and enter the portal to start the dungeon. Once you are inside there is only one possible route to follow.


  • Dusk Adder Brigand
  • Dusk Adder Veteran Brigand
  • Dusk Adder Patrol
  • Dusk Adder Jailer
  • Dusk Adder Sentinel
  • Dusk Adder Assassin
  • Dusk Adder Striker

Once you have entered the dungeon you can now follow the only path that you can in this dungeon, this will lead you right to Dura who is the final boss in the Dungeon, along the way you will need to clear and or run past the mobs that are along the route.

If you are trying to solo and you are low on the DPS that you should be doing you can open two of the jail cells and release two NPCs that will help you through the dungeon.

It is your choice should you want the NPC to help in the dungeon, you in no way have  use them, you can just continue down the path to Dura.

Final boss

Dura the final boss is protected by 4 mobs before she become attack-able and kill able.

Boss Information:

Name: Dura
Hit Points: 26,910

Once you have killed the boss he will drop a loot chest that you can pick up, this chest doesn’t contain anything of value other then a Dumpling and a Healing Potion. The chest that is worth of value will be located in your active quests in the form of a letter, under the quest name “Dura The Undefeatable”

You have now finished the dungeon and can now leave.