A Traveller’s Weapon

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Time to learn how to upgrade that weapon of yours before getting the breakthrough!

This quest is started by talking to Bamboo Villager Wubaiku. She is located to the left of the village leader’s house (Character facing the session portal) or on the right if you are leaving the house. Walk up to her and speak with her, she will tell you all about leveling that level 1 hongmoon weapon that you got not long ago. Once you finish talking to her press accept to receive 11 copper coins and 270 EXP. You have two ways of doing this side quest. Way one is using a Training Jewel, that I would personally leave for later, or you can kill some pirates and pick up their weapon and use that to level your weapon once in order to finish the quest. We will be showing both ways!

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Once you have accepted the quest open your inventory and press Shift + Left Mouse button on your Hongmoon weapon that you got not long ago. You will then have a window that looks like this

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As you may noticed in the picture above the training jewel is high lighted, take the one that you have and right click it or drag and drop it to the flashing box in the bigger window. it well then tell you that the cost which will be about 1 copper, but as your weapon gets higher level, it well cost more and more. legendary weapons costs lots to level. Once you have the material selected click the button at the bottom to upgrade your weapon to what it allows you to. All weapons give different exp, and the higher the weapon the higher level weapons you need to use to upgrade it to level 5 and then onto level 10 after your breakthrough. We will be doing a weapon guide also later on.

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After you upgrade the weapon, the quest will complete itself, head up to Wubaiku, if you are not already standing in front of her, and speak with her to get your reword for the quest

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